Our Architectural Drafting Service in Each Design Phase


The engineering team creates schematics that contain every circuit component, produced to comply with international standards and local guidance.



Our team led by a senior architect will work on detailing and advancing our project with careful attention to details.



A construction drawing is the bridge between building design and physical building form. We provide complete construction drawing sets (CD sets) for the leading Architectural firms & homebuilders.


Our Architectural BIM Services Include


BIM services boast of broad spectrum of benefits to the clients starting from project coordination, collaboration, asset management, risk mitigation, logistic planning to cost optimization.

Incorporating the BIM services into the management and controlling all the spheres of a project resulted in providing a perfect atmosphere for our clients to analyse and alter prior to the actual execution.



Webexstudio with a team of skilled architects has been offering a plethora of Architectural BIM services including conversion of design drawings to accurate construction documents and 3D models with parametric families. We ensure that our customers get the most out of experience in associating with Architects, General Contractors, Builders, and Engineers in some of the prestigious projects of the twentieth century.

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Webexstudio provides BIM modelling services includes creation and use of coordinated, consistent computable information about a building’s mechanical design. Our mechanical BIM models follow specified standards to ensure certainty of geometry, work flows and scheduling.



Webexstudio have qualified experts to create the electrical model of all the conduits, tray layouts, lighting fixtures & fire alarm locations from the design documents & cut sheets



With our plumbing BIM services, one can facilitate 3D visualisation of all kinds of plumbing related elements in a building. Our BIM plumbing solutions track coordination and checks for interference for all elements of MEPF BIM. Whether its fabrication drawings, fittings, spool drawings, quantity estimation etc, we provide all these solutions to our clients.

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Our Mechanical/HVAC BIM Services

The team of highly experienced Mechanical Modelers at Webexstudio offers mechanical engineers, product designers & developers precise Mechanical 3D modeling services that are aimed at improving productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing process.
We at Webexstudio provide BIM clash detection services to contractors, engineers, architects and design-build firms. Softwares we use, stimulating clash-free BIM models, making it more effective and useful for our clients.
Our BIM coordination services allow all the parties involved in the project during its different stages, to collaborate and coordinate with each other, thereby ensuring that the project flows seamlessly.
We convert all type of architectural, engineering and various technical drawings to the format our clients need, within a stipulated time. Our CAD outsourcing services in India combine experience in CAD platforms and design software with strong domain expertise in the construction sector, to create a formidable service offering.

Our Mechanical Coordination Process

  • 1 Load Mechanical BIM Template This is the preliminary stage of the project. We analyse the architectural and structural plans in details and load mechanical BIM template accordingly.
  • 2 Verify Architectural Model We analyse and verify the architectural and structural plans in detail, making sure that not only are they consistent with the schematics but that the MEP coordination specifications are correct.
  • 3 Prepare Mechanical Model Using the consultant’s drawings, as mentioned above, we would then look to create an accurate 3D model using BIM.
  • 4 Run the Clash-detection At this stage of the process, the MEP coordination services contractor can look at the 3D model and evaluate it for any clashes or conflicts between the designed architectural elements and the MEP systems planned.
  • 5 Review and Resolve Clashes Any inconsistencies can then be detected – including clearance and workflow clashes – and solutions can then be presented to the client.