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The importance of smart design in digital success is something we at Webexstudio recognize. The demands of start-ups are met by our people-first, engaging, and enjoyable strategic designs. In India, we provide a full range of Graphic and UI and UX design Services providing Company in California, including branding, mobile app design, responsive site design, promotional graphics, and user experience consultancy utilizing innovative tools and technologies.

We build adaptable and responsive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility with a unique combination of current technology and innovative ideas. Webexstudio is recognized for its hands-on knowledge and creative flair in all UI/UX design elements, having worked in the field for over a decade. Our team of specialists knows what it takes to create a reputable brand from a design standpoint and how to do so using contemporary technologies and ideas. We help customers succeed by simple designs that leave an impression on the user’s mind, increasing brand recognition and loyalty.

Services We Offer

iOS App's UI/UX Design

With flawless designs, we create intuitive, durable apps. To build flexible designs across many screen sizes, we use tools like Xcode or Sketch Constraints while creating. Our designs are based on the HIG (Human interface guidelines) for iOS ideas and architecture. We create apps that function together using the Apple platform’s strong features.

UI/UX Android App Design

Our goal for a brilliant design and improved experience is to provide a consistent experience across all devices and platforms. As a result, we use Google’s suggested Adaptive UI in our Apps. Maintaining homogeneity is essential with so many devices and screen sizes. Webexstudio’s Android mobile apps services provide a wonderful user experience, robust performance, and high build quality.

Designing a Custom Web App

When creating a bespoke application, it is common to want to create a one-of-a-kind user experience and interface. Our team specializes in gathering requirements, scoping the functionality of your application, and then building a user experience that will help your users, clients, and customers achieve the best possible results.

Designing a Landing Page

In your marketing and advertising activities, landing pages are quite important. You can make the most of these sites by using expert landing page design services. Webexstudio’s bespoke landing page designs will help you increase income, sales, and lead quality.

AR experience design

By combining AR with design, we think that we can create some of the most innovative tech-savvy designs, assisting companies with the definition of content and experience.

Brands and customers can now get technology that powers augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). Our team of designers, design reality strategists, and creative technologists will work with you to make your concept commercially viable. Whatever your goals are, we will do all we can to ensure your money is well spent.

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WHY HIRE a UI UX designer from us

User Experience is Outstanding

Our designs give the best-in-class user interface and user experience to our worldwide consumers. We ensure that our clients get the greatest design services possible, focusing on users, simplicity, and usability.

Attractive Visuals

Our designers employ modern approaches and technology to build effective and unique mobile and online apps. In addition, we provide engaging UI/UX visual solutions that may convert potential visitors into loyal clients, helping to meet future demands and improvements.

Contentment of customers

While employing efficient and perfect apps, we ensure that end-users feel happier and more empowered. Therefore, we can create the most interesting apps with world-class designs that provide the end-user with the best possible experience.

Expertise in a Wide Range of Markets

Webexstudio’s extensive IT industry expertise in various technologies demonstrates our global success. In addition, our professionals understand where they came from and where they are now. This is the result of all our efforts.

Cost-effective and timely

Our graphic and UI-UX design solutions are quick, economical, and successful in doubling your user base, thanks to tight cooperation with start-ups and unique concepts. On-time submissions are important to us, and our team of designers and engineers is here to help.

A team of talented designers

Our skilled UI/UX designers employ innovative technology to create powerfully, one-of-a-kind, visually attractive websites, mobile, and online apps. We provide end-users with intentional user experiences built with mind-blowing designs that provide an experience.

Design for a certain product

We have a creative design team that creates engaging and dynamic UI/UX designs that leave a lasting impact on end-users and target audiences. In addition, we develop product-specific apps for all screen sizes, platforms, and dev apps.


Our Expertise

Prototyping and wireframing

User experience has been revolutionized through modern prototyping and wireframing. We have a team of professional designers who conduct in-depth research to identify user requirements that need to be addressed, define the problem that needs to be solved, establish a clear hypothesis, and build a prototype with the solutions to the problems as one of the top UI and UX design company in California, USA.

Research UX

We think that UX research has a significant impact on your business and the UI/UX of your website as a reputable UX design agency in California, USA. We have a capable UX research team that uses advanced user experience research to determine what your users want and desire and attempt to collect feedback and make appropriate modifications.

Visual communication

We use graphic design components that are aesthetically attractive and enable visual communication in the UI/UX of your website as a well-known UI design business. Our UI and UX designers collaborate to make the user experience and navigation as simple as possible so that your company can produce more conversions.

Designing interfaces

The structure and behavior of interactive systems are addressed through interaction design. With great UI/UX, we have a large team of interaction designers working to establish meaningful and intuitive links between your brand and your target audience.


Our graphic and UI/UX designers also have a rudimentary understanding of coding, enabling them to connect with our development team simply and efficiently. This guarantees that our design and development teams communicate and debate designs in the same language. Our UI/UX designers benefit from a rudimentary understanding of coding since it allows them to keep their design ideas within reasonable bounds.


Thanks To Powerful Analytics Tools, our UI/UX designers begin the design process with a data-driven approach. We can also detect and measure the outcomes created by the UI/UX we build for you using analytics. This allows you to calculate your return on investment and see what our UI/UX team has produced for you.

The structure of information

The user experience is enhanced by a deliberately planned and user-friendly information structure. One of the most important parts of your UX design is information architecture. Our information architecture team organizes data, websites, and mobile applications, and ensures that consumers can simply traverse your website and app. We discover common elements in your content, arrange related information items into groups, and optimize your website for search engine results pages (SERPs).

Adobe XD

UI/UX designers in California, USA, may utilize Adobe XD to create and exploit a component library that they can use to reference and implement common UI components, established patterns, and interaction details throughout the website or app. The software enables the production of elaborate interactive prototypes and device reviews, and online revisions.


For huge UI/UX projects, Sketch is a fantastic tool. UI/UX designers can create templates quickly and integrate them into your project. This makes it easier for our designers to extract components and keep design elements consistent across the user experience. As a result, our designers utilize Sketch for UI/UX as part of our UI/UX development. is a fantastic tool for UI/UX designers, with features such as robust UI component libraries, ready-made templates, out-of-the-box UI components, intense icon library, large library for div icons, perfect sound effects library, audio component uploading feature, video component uploading feature, aftereffects animation feature, scrollable containers, reusable containers, WebView components, and HTML code components., briefly, makes designing for our UI/UX designers exceedingly simple and convenient.


Webflow makes creating visuals for interaction design concepts a lot easier. In addition, Webflow allows designers to do all their design work on the same platform without code. Webflow also includes a content management system (CMS) that enables designers to work on numerous pages simultaneously, bridging the gap between design and development.


Balsamiq is a low-fidelity wireframing application that allows designers to quickly generate visual representations of many types of user interfaces. Due to its extensive prototyping and wireframing features, Balsamiq is ideal for conveying design concepts.


Our designers build flexible and responsive UI/UX design layouts with Axure. Axure has useful tools such as built-in widgets to assist designers with wireframing. It also has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows designers to create browser-based prototypes without code.

INDUSTRIES Industries WE served

Travel & Tourism

We provide profit-driven IT solutions for hoteliers,travel agents/agencies, travel partners, hospitality providers, as well as airlines.

Banking & Finance

We combine top notch technological developments with applications to help businesses grow as well as adapt to this new digital business age.

Real Estate & Property

We help to transform Real Estate Industry with state of the art technology solutions which streamline real estate process and build a smarter collaboration technique between customers, agents, real estate companies as well as brokers.


We provide customized outcomes which are tailored for our customer based on a profound understanding of their needs and wants.


We provide wide range of Manufacturing IT Services that combat your production challenges while empowering your business to inspire innovation.


We are a leading Hybrid IT solutions provider to power your business systems.Media and Entertainment – We design content-driven engaging, ready to publish, and engaging solutions allow our clients to convert their traffic into customers

Media & Enrtainment

Webexstudio provides reliability at scale for content companies, build customer 360 platforms to offer personalized services, implement media supply chains in the cloud for agility and flexibility, and streamline media operations.


We help you with the most innovative and efficient
enterprise and business solutions that streamline business processes and minimize challenges in telecommunication market.

Food & Restaurant

Food and Beverages are not only a great part of our
lives but they are a huge part of online business as
well. For this mushrooming business, we provide the most innovative and impressive web and mobile development solutions.


We are a versatile agriculture software development
company with a wide range of tailored agriculture
software for farmers who seek growth along with maximum ROI.

Sports & Gaming

Sports and gaming is already a multibillion-dollar
market and we are here to channelize that revenue to
your side by helping you develop sports and gaming
websites and apps.


Our logistics software and application development
solutions provide advanced automation, analytical, and management solutions that make swarming and fast-paced business of logistic a smart and growing business.


We make education interactive as well as simple with the power of technology and help of user friendly website and apps.


We help you grow your business and reach a wider
audience with E-commerce website and app development.

Our Process

    Requirement Gathering icon


      We are obtaining information that will assist us in creating the best User Experience possible, one that stands out from the crowd. After we have finished our research, we will focus on developing methods for creating wireframes and prototypes, which will help us establish the style guides, typography, icons, and other components used in the final design.
    Requirement Gathering icon


      We finalize the business goals, features, and specifics to add, among other things, at this step. We also make a concerted effort to comprehend your brand's concept, tone, and other finer points that define it. Our team ensures that the app or website we create is a natural extension of your brand.
    Requirement Gathering icon


      The design phase is where the user interface design service comes into play. Again, Webexstudio's creativity shines through as a UI/UX design company in Kolkata, India. We start by brainstorming and sketching potential designs for the basic app or website, including aspects that have been finalized during the planning step.
    Requirement Gathering icon

    Iterate and Develop

      The designers develop teamwork in tandem to code your app or website. The objective is to get your app or website in front of as many people as possible and as fast as possible so that you may obtain feedback that you can utilize in the iteration stage. In addition, our team will incorporate all required features and aspects into the app or website.
    Requirement Gathering icon


      After designing, getting your permission, and producing resources for the many resolutions and devices that need support, the focus is on quick distribution and getting useful feedback from end customers. Finally, after providing the final solution to you, we also offer maintenance services.

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    I felt the need for a website for my business, so I got ExcellisIt as a ref and I found it online as well. The team is really pro and expert their work output is far more beautiful than what I imagined for my website.

    Hosting, development all aspects had been done and crafted beautifully! I Would definitely refer or come back for next work.

    Great job team, keep doing the excellent work. All the best!

    Mahtab Ghani

    From the very first interaction we were pleasantly surprised by the initial first contact and later with the rest of the Team which gave us a sense of well being and left us feeling relaxed and listened to. Our account manager was polite and friendly and addressed our needs with a real sense of urgency and understanding. We would be happy to recommend the service to anyone in need of web design and or hosting. Special thanks to Mark and Allen for providing us with our needs. Cheers Guys.

    David Birks

    We have been using Webexstudio SEO for a few months already and the results have been outstanding. They know exactly how to optimize our website and make sure that it is up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for quality SEO services.

    Greg V. Pruitt

    From the first day I contacted Excellist to show them my website project all managers were eager to start working in a new design that would satisfy my need.

    To this day I’m very happy I did contact Excellist they have created a website that fulfill all my expectations of what I wanted for my Ecommerce store.

    Every time I did call Allen the Project Manager with new questions about my website he was very kind and gave me a helpful answer. The time frame of my project was met without delays.
    Thanks to Allen and his team for a well-done job.

    Jose Robles


    Our UI UX Design Services may completely change the way you do business!

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    on the following technologies

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    The phrases User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the most misunderstood in the digital market. A UI without UX is like a painter splattering paint on a canvas without thinking about it, whereas UX without UI is like a sculpture's frame without any paper Mache. The user experience (UX) is usually the first step in creating an excellent product. Both are important to the success of the product.
    There are various business model examples to pick from. Of course, the traditional business model will change based on the industry and the problem you attempt to address for your customers. However, some business concepts are more well-known and effective across various sectors. For example, subscription and freemium business models are common in Software as a Service (SaaS) organizations.
    It depends on the features and amount of data you give your consumers. For example, some apps require only a few items on each screen or attribute (title, picture, date, author, and so on) to build a relevant preview dependent on the kind of content. In contrast, others demand multiple elements on each screen or attribute (title, picture, date, author, and so on).
    The price of UI/UX may appear to be a nebulous concept. Design gets close to being art at times. As a result, estimating the exact length of time required to deploy it is difficult. A designer's initial appraisal is usually based on past expertise.
    Here are some of the benefits of a strong UX design for your company: User Interaction has been improved Gaining more customers Obtaining insightful data Increased revenue-generating possibilities